8 Warning Signs That You Are Emotionally And Mentally Exhausted

A stressful life can make you feel tired of life itself. Everyday tasks often affect our emotions making us want to isolate ourselves from everything. You might start feeling you are stuck in a routine and that every new day is the same as the previous one. One of the things that take most of our energy are our jobs, careers and colleagues. You can’t get along with everyone and some relationships are tougher than others. This way we are forced to be productive even if we are not happy with it.

Here are 8 things that you should pay attention to if you feel tired both physically and mentally.

1.You are easily irritated

Even the most patient person can get irritated by something. However, what matters is how much time you need to get irritated. If you lose y our temper very fast you need to distance yourself from the things that annoy you and try to remind yourself that you should do this for your own good.

2.You have lost your motivation

Your motivation decreases with every new day. You have started feeling like you don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning. You just want to be alone and do nothing and this feeling can even cause anxiety. It is a common sign of depression.

3.You experience anxiety attacks often

Anxiety can be caused by exhaustion and it may make you feel scared to begin to do some work. Then, you wake up at night by anxiety attack and you are no longer to focus on anything. This might make you feel even more stressed. Focus yourself by practicing mediation or yoga.

4.Trouble sleeping

If you often get up at night and you are not able to continue sleeping, or if you sleep many hours and still wake up tired, it could be due to increased anxiety and stress which are keeping you awake. Depression makes people sleep more or have inconsistent sleep patterns. It is best to consult a doctor if you experience this symptom.

5.You get upset by meaningless things

Everyday and usual conversations might make you upset just because you feel the other person is not listening to you closely, for example. Your increased sensitivity might make you take things more emotionally. Spend some time talking to yourself and reconsidering your thoughts and actions. This way you will prevent hurting someone you love without meaning it.

6.Dizziness and nausea

These two symptoms along with headaches or irregular heartbeats might be warning signs of anxiety and depression which are caused by stress. Stress is a part of our everyday lives and we might feel sick physically even though we are suffering from mental breakdown. The best way to prevent this is to act as soon as you notice it.

7.You want to cry without a particular reason

If you feel like you are stuck or sad and you want to cry, it is perfectly okay to cry. However, if the reason for crying is the feeling that the whole world is against you, you need to ask yourself why you feel that way. Crying is sometimes good for you and could help you get rid of the negative emotions.

8.You feel detached

The more you try to get on your feet, the more you feel detached from everything around you. Your friends and family stopped calling you because you have declined all of their invitations. This feeling might originate from the feeling of being detached to yourself. You don’t feel bad nor good, you are just numb. Stop to take a break and relax. Go on a vacation or do something that you enjoy doing to get in touch with your inner self again.

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