How to hint to your man that you want flowers

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Flowers are the best gift for every woman! They make us shine from happiness. The thing is, that men know it, but still only give us flowers on special occasions. However, we want to get them more often! How often do you get flowers? You’re probably a little envious of your friend when her man surprises her with flowers. You think about your man and wonder why he can not please you with flowers! Perhaps if a man understands the gist of the question “Why do girls like to receive flowers?” Then, he will try to give them to you more often. The bouquet of flowers is a gesture of love and affection. It shows a man’s love and care! How can you hint to your man that you want flowers? If you want to receive flowers more often, you should follow some tips. We have prepared some effective tips that can help awaken some romantic vibes in your man. Read and take notes!

#1. Give him an idea

Talk more about your love of flowers. When you pass by the flower shop, you can hint to him about flowers and how they would look in your room.

#2. Surprise yourself

Buy flowers and bring them home. You should do it more often! He will understand the importance of flowers to you. Moreover, he will try to surprise you!

#3. Set an example

Tell him about your friends, and how often they get flowers from their boyfriends. “Her boyfriend got her flowers” or “Alex gave Kim a bouquet of stunning roses!” Your boyfriend will get the hint, and will surprise you with a fresh bunch of flowers next morning. Do not overdo it, because you can hurt your partner’s feelings!

#4. Tell him directly

Unfortunately, sometimes men do not understand our hints. It’s a pity! However, you can tell him directly and he will immediately understand it. You should ask him questions like “Why don’t you give me flowers? Or say “Your gift would make me the happiest girl on the planet!”

If your man really loves you, he will understand all your hints and surprise you with beautiful bouquet of flowers! Love and be loved!





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