6 secrets men never tell

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Every woman should have a mystery, they say. But what about our partners? They also have secrets, which we girls can not even guess. Every woman is 100% sure that she knows everything about her beloved. No matter how long you know or live with your lover, there are some things that men prefer not to tell their beloved women about. We are not talking about cheating but some things they try to hide so that they do not look too weird or feminine. Even if you have known your Mr. Right for a long time, there are a lot of interesting things you can learn about him. Today we will tell you about 6 things that men do not tell us. Scroll down to find out the details.

# 1 They need your support

Women always tell their men in detail about conflict situations in the family or at work, about the fact that they were offended by their sister or co-worker. Unlike women, men prefer to silently experience grievances and unpleasant statements. If a man is badly treated by someone, he will tell you that he was greatly angered or surprised. READ MORE: Fitness trainer gives 10 best exercises for women weight loss

# 2 They look at other women

From time immemorial it has become customary that men like to stare at women. Perhaps he has nothing bad on his mind, the thing is nature is just nature. # 3 They have phobias Each man carefully conceals his fears, which have remained with him since childhood. A man is ashamed to admit that he is still afraid of dogs, thunderstorms or heights.

# 4 Think about different nonsense

Despite the fact that there is a stereotype in our society that men are more logical and serious, in fact they also like to think about something stupid. It is impossible to always be serious, sometimes you need to relax.

# 5 They do not care about the details

As you know, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We are very different and our attitudes to the little things are also different. If women are often fixated on details, then men do not pay attention to them.

# 6 They have their little oddities

For example, he often secretly takes your shampoo, shower gel, hair balm or moisturizing body milk but when you offer your hand cream, a man confidently declares that he is not interested in all these “women’s tricks.” It’s difficult to understand why men hide this.






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