The top 3 things about married men who cheat

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Never engage in affairs with married men. No matter how in love you may be with him, if a man decided to cheat on his wife, then this might indicate a manipulative or destructive pattern of behavior, which I’m sure you don’t want any part in. If the idea of an affair is tempting to you, before you jump in head first, be warned that such relationships never lead to anything good. But, if you’ve found yourself having an affair without even knowing it, here are some of the signs showing that he is a married man looking for a mistress (for you to pay more attention in the future).

#1. Cheaters know how to charm a girl. He knows how to be charming and how to make you fall in love with him. He will tell you all the right things, convincing you that you need him, despite of the fact that he is married. He will also promise you that he will leave his wife as soon as he musters up the courage to do so. Our opinion If he has enough courage to cheat, he must be brave enough to face his wife and get a divorce. The truth is that he is not really interested in marriage. So, unless you want to play around, he is not worth your time.

#2. Married men are always in search of a mistress. A married man always wants something else. He is in constant search of happiness. They have everything in life and still want more. That’s why, even when having a wonderful family, they will change mistresses every month. It’s never enough for them. Our opinion It’s not completely their fault. Men are genetically programmed to reproduce, so they will seek out mates that fit their standards, to fulfill those biological needs.

#3. Cheaters like to control women. A married man usually has the right to spend time with family, friends and other people. But he often thinks that his mistress doesn’t have the same right. He believes that she should be at home waiting for him in lacy lingerie. Our opinion If he is showering you with gifts at every step, he might be under the conscious or subconscious impression that he is paying you for sex. As such, he will expect your obedience and your discretion.





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