Top 10 things that make men obsessed with women

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Once you fall for someone there is nothing you wouldn’t do to win their heart, right? Yet, many women are trying to find that perfect ingredient that draws men to them like moth to the flame. Yes, there is a secret ingredient, in fact a few that make men fall for some women even without putting up a fight. While many of you think that your outer beauty is the first thing that men pay attention to, we are not going to argue here. But outer beauty can be different, can be artificially created or just enhanced – which one is preferred by you is your own business. Yet, there are few things you should know to have any man that comes to your liking, right there at your feet.

#1. The way you look

Your eyes are the mirror of your soul – do not hide them. Let him in for a while, just give him a chance to see that there is much more to you that can be seen with a naked eye. Keep an eye contact, if you want to conquer him.

#2. Care All men are still babies.

Show them the you can totally take care of them and they will fall to your feet. Yes, as simple as that. But these days, too many women consider that to be inappropriate for a strong, self-confident lady. The choice is yours.

#3. Outlook Yes, we all hide all the imperfections from the man we like. While men like natural-looking women. You have a few stretch-marks, so what? Isn’t that just natural?

#4. Style

Men pay attention to the way you dress, there is no doubt about that. Make sure that you have your own style, who care if someone may not understand it. After all it is something that makes special.

#5. Wits

Despite the common belief that men prefer to be always wiser, none of them will take you seriously until you show them that you are smart and educated and there is always lots of topics you can discuss together.

#6. Confidence

Despite what men may say, they prefer confident women who know what they want in their life.

#7. Your opinion Strangely enough. But some men are obsessed with what you may think of them. Be it, you friendzoning them or seeing them from the angle no one before paid attention to.

#8. Sexuality Of course it is only natural that men want you to project some sexuality once in a while. Find that perfect ‘in-between’ and you will keep him forever.

#9. A good cook Like it or not, but men like to eat. The tastier your dishes are, the closer you will keep him.

#10. The way you make him feel Last but not least, if a man feels great around you, he will never let you escape. Pay attention to the way behave around him and the way he acts.






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