9 Things That Will Happen To Your Body After Eating Two Eggs A Day

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Eggs are your best friend, let’s face it.
They are delicious, nutritious, cheap and easily available. And unlike other foods, they cannot be contaminated.

Besides being part of every breakfast table in almost all countries, eggs are also part of every major cuisine and are an essential additive to most Western desserts.

What we want to talk about however are the lesser known benefits of consuming eggs. A latest study at Bright Side has revealed how there are at least nine benefits of consuming 2-3 eggs that many of us don’t know.

Here they are:

  1. Eggs actively help your brain:

A very important component of your nervous system is a compound called acetylcholine. This substance acts as a neurotransmitter across your synaptic gaps to help the nerve signals pass through.

To manufacture this, your body needs choline. And guess what is one of the best natural sources of this chemical? That’s right. Eggs.

Choline deficiency can cause memory loss. A body that has healthy amounts of choline has better brain activity and sharper memory on the flipside.

  1. Nourishes your hair:

This is a no-brainer.

Eggs are a rich source of Vitamin B12, biotin and other digestible proteins which strengthen your hair.

Something you might not know: liver function is largely related to hair health as well and it makes sense too; the cleaner and detoxified your system, the better your skin and hair.

Eggs, as research shows, improve liver function too.

Also, there are dedicated shampoos that use egg extracts in their formula too. Eggs also work beautifully as a hair-pack just as they are; just whip one and put it on your hair, leave for about an hour and shampoo.

The resultant shine will be hard to beat.

  1. Eggs improve your eyesight:

Eggs are also known to contain a sizable percentage of lutein, deficiencies of which can cause major issues with one’s eyesight.

  1. Eggs are a vital source of Vitamin D:

Fat soluble vitamins are of vital importance to your body as they can be stored. Among them Vitamin D, which is not found in many foods.

Consequently most people supplement their diets with Vitamin D capsules or cod liver/shark liver oil. These are not only expensive, but let’s face it, processed products that come in (edible) plastic capsules.

Eggs not only trump them in the amount of Vitamin D they contain, but also in the price.

  1. Reduce cholesterol levels:

The phosphatides and the omega-3 oils in eggs help them balance the harmful cholesterol in our bodies. This is turn keeps heart diseases at bay.

  1. Eggs help you lose weight:

A low calorie diet, combined with boiled eggs can help you lose weight twice as fast. This is because they are filling and hence you consume less food than you actually think.

  1. Reduces chances of cancer:

Beside choline being anti-carcinogenic, eggs can significantly reduce the chances of contracting breast cancer if the latest findings are to be believed.

  1. Chock full of Vitamin B vitamins:

Vitamins B are very important for the general development of sex hormones. Each egg on average contains about 7 micrograms of the vitamin group.

Among them, folic acid is essential for RBC production the body and its deficiency causes diseases like sickle-cell anaemia while Vitamin B9 is especially important for pregnancy related issues.

  1. Pampers the skin:

In a study, 87% women who ate eggs on a daily basis (all of them in the 35-40 age group) reported a reduction in age spots, while men reported a considerable reduction in wrinkles around the eyes.




Source: https://healthcoachcode.com/2018/02/09/two-eggs-a-day/

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