What does the size of your pinky finger say about you?

The small finger is not so small when it comes to revealing something big!

Why do you think the size of our little fingers varies? If it meant nothing, wouldn’t it have been the same for all of us? Further, the study of palmistry helps identify, distinctly, three very different kinds of people based on the size of the little finger. Now, you may choose to believe in it or not but there are variations when it comes to personalities and the little finger points towards them quite loudly.

#1 Type A

When your little finger reaches the first line of your ring finger you belong to the first kind of personality. This means that you have a personality which inclines towards balance. You are inherently inclined towards order and peace. You are organized, not to the extent of OCD, but you need your things to be in their proper place. You instinctively move away from chaos and if there’s something that gets on your nerves, it’s the disequilibrium in life.

You are the sort of person who is emotionally, sexually, and intellectually balanced. Your thoughts are calm, your decisions well thought out and your opinions are formed after due consideration. Never a judge of others, you are the person who understands things before coming to a conclusion. Not the one to be perturbed easily, your confidence comes from a deep understanding of your own personality and that’s what makes you stand out as a person.

#2 Type B





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