10 things that will definitely change once you have moved in with your partner

No relationship will be the same forever and these are the changes that usually happen when a couple moves in together

Being in a relationship vs being in a live in is two very different things and is when a couple is in two different stages of a relationship. No one can stop things from changing but you can always adapt and adjust to new changes. Moving in with your partner is a big step and couples only do this once they have reached a certain comfort level in their relationship. These are 10 things that are most likely to change once two people have moved in together:

#10 Romantic dinner

Going out on a romantic date is something that was a regular for the two of you and date night was always fun and exciting. Once the two of you have moved in with each other it is inevitable that the passion and romance will slowly wane out and there will be other things that are fun though not necessarily dinner dates.

#9 Dressing up to go out

In the beginning of the relationship, the two of you will make a huge effort to get ready and dress up to look good for each other. You would probably spend quite a lot of time dressing up and of course, you would want to put your best foot forward. Once the two of you have moved in with each other, you will observe how dressing up does not have the same priority status as it did before.

#8 Waking up in the morning

In the beginning of your relationship when the two of you did not live together, the first thing you would tend to do in the morning would be to text message your partner with a cute and chirpy good morning message. However, once you have moved in together, your morning’s priorities are quite different.

#7 Her cat

When you first went over to her place, her cat labeled you as the number one enemy of the state and the two of you almost started a war. Once the two of you have moved in together, you will see how her cat and her pets will slowly start getting closer to you and much more comfortable.

#6 His friends

Meeting his friends would have been an interesting experience and you would have witnessed the sober and calmer side of them. As you get to know them more and the more they start to visit your new house, the more you will understand who his friends really are.

#5 Her friends

When you first met her friends, they would have seemed like hygienic, attractive women who are poised and dignified. Once they start to come over a lot and show you their true colors, they are anything but poised and dignified.

#4 Watching a horror movie

Watching a horror movie, in the beginning, is great fun and it is a superb way of getting the two of you to cuddle and get all close. You will love how your partner starts to snuggle up to you when there is a scary movie playing in the background. When the two of you move in, this will start to change and you could find the tables turning.

#3 Waiting and time management

This is one of those things which never changes and one of the partners will definitely be a lot more aware of time than the other. Don’t get too hung on waiting for your partner, because you know when they are ready and dressed, they totally look worth the wait!

#2 Wardrobe

When the two of you are living separately, you are a lot more conscious of each other and will make that extra effort to portray your best side. You will always make sure to keep your room clean, wardrobe clean and basically, show the other person your good and clean side. However, once you move in, the two of you will eventually stop making this extra effort and will just become comfortable with each other.

#1 Going home

The biggest thing that changes when a couple moves in is their goodbye’s. When you are in love with someone, spending time with them is something that the two of you would be craving. When two people live apart saying goodbye and good night is tough because you would much rather spend the time with your partner. When two people move in together, this changes and the two people will have a very different outlook on their goodbyes.










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