4 Relationship Myths You Need to Forget So You Can Find True Love

When it comes to finding true love, people often refer their own experiences to the love stories they saw on movies, televisions, or read in books.

They forgot that behind these love stories are humans who manipulated these stories to make them fun and captivating so people can enjoy watching them.

These directors are presenting their audience a fake misconception of what true love really is. Real relationships are much different!

Here are the four relationship myths you need to stop believing so that you will be able to open your heart to what true relationship really is, and will ultimately find your one true love.

4 Relationship Myths You Need to Forget:4 Relationship Myths You Need to Forget

1. God created only one soul mate for you.

Believing that God created only one soul mate for you is, in a way, making it difficult for you to find your true love.

As you hold this belief, you tend to wait for your soul mate to come in your life while giving up a lot of opportunities in meeting new people. You are preventing yourself from making experiences that will teach you the nuances you could learn from new experiences.

There is no such thing as an ideal love where you meet in the best of circumstances and then live happily ever after.

Stop creating this kind of idealistic picture in your mind because you will only find yourself broken once you expose yourself to the reality of love relationships. The point is to become the best version of yourself so you can attract your best possible soulmate.

2. You and your true love would never fight.

Conflicts are frictions that polish a relationship. If you’re avoiding it at all costs, you’re not helping your relationship grow.

Finding yourself and your loved one still drawn unto each other after a misunderstanding is one proof that your feelings for each other is genuine.

It’s only when you manage to resolve conflicts in your relationship that you are strengthening it. This way, both you and your partner grow in the process too.

Arguments strengthen the relationship. You just have to learn to tackle your anger in a way that doesn’t destroy the relationship or the other person.

3. Your partner will never look at anyone else but you.

Your partner is a human being who is wired to appreciate beauty and may even get attracted to others sexually. It’s a normal reaction that all of us go through.

As long as your partner don’t act on the attraction, your relationship is safe. If they still have eyes on you despite the distractions around, it only shows how much they love and adore you.

However, if there is something you feel insecure or offended about, you can talk the matter to your partner. They appreciate it when you are open and honest about your feelings to them.

4. Your partner will grant all your wishes.

Your relationship is realistic and is not one of a fairy tale where your partner has everything in his power to make all your wishes come true.

You are dealing with a human being who is not perfect and whose capabilities are limited. It is essential that the two of you would adjust and make your relationship work.

Compromises may even be needed at times in order for the relationship to work. Finding your one true love is not as difficult a task when you are also doing the inner work of making yourself the ideal one.

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