A few proven tactics to help you make a man obsessed with you

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Man by nature is a conqueror. Therefore, first you need to attract his attention, and then intrigue. With this, everything is simply, you need to look so that he does not have any chance not to skipa you. Do not overdo it, even a hint of vulgarity can spoil everything. These tactics will help you. You will find important details you need to pay attention to, if you want him to fall in love with. However, remember that you need to be patient and not to force him to act. Do not forget that, in the end, he must be sure that he won you, and not you! After all, he is a hunter, and you are just an innocent doe …Let’s the gave started. Here’s your secret weapon.


The expression “love at first sight” can be paraphrased safely as “love from the first smile”. 64% of men say that it is the smile that a girl meets a potential partner – the deciding factor in the matter of further communication. This happens even before you exchange a couple of words.


You just have to find out how beautiful you are with your soul. Provided that the second minute of the test you will do brilliantly. It is at this point that the partners subconsciously assess the appearance of each other. Old-fashioned shoes or an unsuccessful hairstyle more than half of the respondents can still ignore, but here the unpleasant smell will put an end to further communication in 60% of cases.


People, like other animals, can react differently to different stimuli. For example, a certain aroma causes unexpected memories from childhood, and color – “includes” a melody in the head. Sexual smell, comfortable atmosphere or pleasant taste will help to seduce a partner imperceptibly for him.


For 58% of men, visual contact with the partner is very important. Do not forget to look into the face with confidence. But do not overdo it. Do not constantly glare with his eyes.


In the world there are those rare lucky ones who were born with the seductive voice of Scarlett Johansson, others have learned to model it, so as not to be rejected. According to statistics, at least a quarter of men on a date pay close attention to the enchanting female voice.


It’s time to start a conversation. Harvard University is rushing to the rescue. Forget the cliche like “Who are you working for now?”, “How was your day?” Or the notorious How do you like the weather?” With the help of a mathematical algorithm, Harvard specialists calculated four unbeatable questions that will determine your compatibility: “Do you like horror films?”, “Have you ever traveled alone?”, “Would it be cool to leave everything and live on the ship?”, “What would you add the ingredient to the pizza? “If the partner answers questions just like you, science gives a green light to your relationship.


82% of men during their first acquaintance annoy the sound of the companion’s vibrating or ringing phone. Going to a responsible appointment, forget about the existence of instant messengers and social networks and do not get distracted.




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