If a man says that he has no time, it might mean that he isn’t interested

Do you like it when people behave strangely and inexplicably? What if this is the way the man who is interesting to you behaves? If you notice inexplicable motives in his behavior, you better watch out. Does he really want to spend time with you if he cancels the meetings or does not call back? If he is interested in you, he will use every opportunity to see you and communicate with you. If he avoids you, you can wave goodbye. He does not try to be with you all the time.This is probably one of the first and clearest signs that will show that a man does not care about you. It’s simple: if he is not keen on you, he will not be around all the time.

If a man has set himself the goal of seducing you, he will behave differently: tease, ignore, and disgrace himself. Even if it irritates you, you will understand that the man sees you as a romantic object. He will always find many reasons to be around, and if he does not try to invade your personal space – then you do not interest him as a woman.

He might feel uncomfortable breaking up with you, because he either got used to you, or does not know how to approach you, so that you don’t feel offended. However, you can tell that he is not interested in you, if he has no time for you.

There are a few more signs of his loss of interest, other than lack of time. Check them all out. If you notice these signals in your man’s behavior, you will probably break up with him soon. If he avoids your gaze, turns away from you when you are near, tries to sit far away, does not support the conversation, or just keeps a constant distance – you do not interest him.

He does not seek to communicate with you all the time. If you are not interesting to him, he will not communicate with you. However, not everything is so simple, and do not make hasty conclusions. Maybe he is just waiting or is afraid to take the first step. So do not be insane if he does not respond to your messages this very second.





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