20 Powerful Secrets To Meaningful Relationships (#5 Is My Favorite)

20 Powerful Secrets To Meaningful Relationships (#5 Is My Favorite)

It was the legendary Bob Marley who said that if a woman is astounding, she would never be easy; and if she is easy she would never be astounding. If she is worthy it, you mustn’t give up; and if you do you give up, then you are the one that is not worthy.  And speaking the truth, heartache can come from anywhere; you just must pick the ones that are worth the pain.

The “Mystic Path to Cosmic Power” of Vernon Howard deals with mystical and emotional facts in simple words. The twenty steps to follow regarding significant relationships are an extract from the actual book.

1. Self-awareness

In any given relationship the individual who has the deeper self-awareness is typically the more valued. They tend to be more peaceful and often down to earth.

2. Skip manipulation

Never allow the partner’s conduct rule your self-perception.

3. Actions speak louder than intentions

DO NOT trust in actions done or words spoken matter-of-factly. Crack down each step to recognize their deepest intents and motives behind their actions and words. There must be a “why” behind each action.

4. A feeling of independence

If any form of bond involves giving up on your personal satisfaction and self-respect is worthless and immoral.

5. Feeling unity with your all of your surrounding

Mystically all of us are similar in nature. We must learn that every time we hurt our self we hurt someone that cares about us. The contrary principle applies: every time you make someone happy, you will make yourself feel the same way.

By the law of the universe, we are all alike and equal in nature. You can’t harm yourself without harming others and the other way around; a sheer alikeness to the inability to cheer others up without cheering yourself up in the process.

6. Break free from futile desires

You can avoid being deceived by just freeing yourself from futile desires.

7. Break free from endless struggle against things

Maturity can free you from your shield of constant temper. The struggle disturbs your inner peace.

8. Self-awareness

Understanding and accepting others starts with self-awareness. Accept yourself in order to be able to accept the others.

9. A comprehensive understanding of social affairs

Open social relations will develop your understanding and allow you finally to consider the aspects of the relations clearly.

10. Discover what the real meaning of “LOVE” is

By accepting the “LOVE” in itself, you can protect yourself from agony in case you get rejected or ignored.

11. Acknowledge the disappointments and deal with the sorrow

Ignoring the fact of losing the significant one will not allow you to overcome the pain. Treat the disappointment and overcome it before moving on.

12. You don’t need social justification

Being the ‘’zero” on the social plain is not the outmost disaster. The reality is much more profound than what it looks like.

13. Appreciate the good and the bad equally

Balancing the positive and the negative vibes received from the other person allows you to paint a realistic picture of them.

14. Know your limits and avoid troubles

Do not ignore what hurts you so much. The signs pointing at troubles are all around the place.

15. Acknowledge the qualities in others

Frequently we ignore the qualities the others have. Acknowledge those qualities even if you lack them yourself.

16. Craving is not love

Craving asks for more and more satisfaction. Love is at harmony with self, it is controlled and fulfilled.

17. Develop the positivity in you

Some portions of you crave for the life’s loving aspect; however, the rest of you does not. Work hard on bringing out all the positivity in yourself.

18. Self esteem

Do not live for the validation of the others. Shape yourself and live as it feels right for you. You’re unique in your sentiments and live fearless of any judgement.

19. The authentic YOU

Fight for being who you really are. Do not sacrifice yourself just for being the loving one. Be yourself, without losing your genuineness for the sake of fitting in wrong molds shaped by others.

20. Reconstruct your inner self with excellence

Reconstructing your inner self with excellence and reaching to the level of your authenticity would be the best gift you could bestow to yourself and the surroundings. Develop your strengths in order to understand love and gratitude. This is a replication of the supreme love for people.

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