You Should Never Throw Tea Bags And Here Are 17 Reasons For That!

Beside it is delicious, the tea is also very healthy for us, therefore people love to consume it. The tea might support you to relax and unwind at the end of the day or even can give a boost to your days full of energy.

However, I am sure we all do the same error when we consume tea, that is throwing away the actual tea filter bag right after consuming our delicious tea. Why is this wrong? Well due to the fact that green tea bags may be used for a lot more than just making tea as well as here’s exactly how.

  • Fresh smell of your hands

In case you’ve been cooking hot and spicy foods, both hands will probably have nasty odor later on. Onions, seafood or garlic’s odor may linger until the following day but not in case you rub both hands with a green tea bag. Any type of tea filter bag will do the secret but for greatest results utilize tea from peppermint.

  • Compost for the Garden

Filter tea bags can offer your garden ground with helpful nutrients so that you can add these to your fertilizer and improve the ground you flower in. You may also use the remaining tea in order to water the plants.

  • Replacement for Mouthwash

You can use old tea filter bag to prepare your own mouthwash. Soak the used tea bag in a mug of hot water and use it the same way you would a normal mouthwash. Best results can be achieved with rosemary or sage, as well as peppermint tea.

  • Beneficial to deal with infections

Topical ointment infections, canker sores, temperature blisters as well as pink eye could be effectively healed with a not very hot tea filter bag, by applying on the spot. Teas from herbs are the best choice for this.

  • Get rid of unpleasant odors

You can use filter tea bags as a substitute for an odor neutralizer, they will soak up the annoying smell from the fridge, the carpet, your trash bin and even the shoes.

  • Relieve razor bumps

If you have an awful razor bump just dip a few utilized filter tea bag in hot water and use them immediately. Your best option with this regard is lavender or chamomile tea.

  • Hair Wash

Strengthen as well as soften the hair with green tea, make a tea that is not very strong as well as rinse the hair with it. You will be excited by the results.

  • Customized, portable air-freshener

Why purchasing those costly air fresheners when you can prepare one by yourself. You should tie a filter tea bag on the mirror of your car and the issue solved. You will have the greatest results using peppermint, lavender or jasmine tea.

  • Forget about grease on the dishes

In case your dishes are greasy as well as burnt and you do not know how to thoroughly clean them, don’t worry we have got this covered. Dip a few utilized filter tea bags in your plates overnight and rinse all of them in the morning.

  • Natural baths

Relax a few utilized filter tea bags in your bathtub and enjoy the best herbal sensation. What is the best tea for this purpose? You may use any of your favorite tea, however, you’ll achieve the best outcomes from chamomile, rosemary, green tea, lavender or even peppermint.

  • Insect repellent

Not just bugs as well rats dislike peppermint odor, so just why don’t you utilize old peppermint filter tea bags instead of you’re own go-to resistant. Just spread them throughout the house and your pest problem is fixed.

  • Anti-inflammatory ingredient with calming properties

You should know that tea has powerful anti-inflammatory attributes so you can make use of them to relax and to relieve inflammation. You may use them with regard to toothaches, put a hot filter tea teabag over the sore tooth; it helps with puffy eye place 2 old filter tea bags on your eye and let them stay for a couple minutes; also you can use it to deal with blisters, just use the filter tea bag straight over it.

  • Improve your plants’ health

Add a few utilized filter tea bag at the bottom of the pot if you wish to enrich the soil along with important nutrition. The best tea for this can be herbal types because houseplants are not fond of caffeine.

  • Remedy Warts

No one wants to get warts, they may be unpleasant for the eye and frequently can even be very painful so everyone wants to remove them. Old filter tea bag can do miracles, just dip one utilized tea handbag in some hot water and put it on directly on the actual wart. Let it stay on for a couple minutes as well as repeat the process as frequently as you can. Your very best choice with this is green tea extract.

  • Toxin-free color

If you want to emphasize your hair having brown as well as orange shades, old green filter tea bags can accomplish this trick. Simply steep all of them in some hot water and wash your hair by using it. Old filter tea bags can also be used to add color to clothes, papers, and playing cards, so they are an excellent nontoxic dye for children.

  • Add taste to your meals

Used filter tea bags can also add a nice taste and fragrance to your foods especially rice, pasta as well as quinoa. You can include any taste you like, however it works best using jasmine, cinnamon, and green tea extract.

  • Treat toxin ivy rashes

Many of us were there as well as know it is quite unpleasant and painful. The best remedy for toxin ivy rashes? Old filter tea bag. Put it directly on the actual rash or even blister as well as leave it to absorb the actual oil. You may also warm a bit within a pot full of warm water as well as apply it after that. Try it out, it is effective each way. The very best tea to be used is peppermint because it features a soothing impact on the skin.

Probably you wonder what is the best way to keep your tea bags?

If you want to utilize old filter tea bags you have to store all of them properly so you can make use of them later. Leave them at room temperatures for 24 hours, after that put them in an airtight box and place them in your fridge. Make use of them whenever you have to. If they begin to smell this means that it is time to throw them.




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