Woman reveals how she lost an incredible 150 lbs – along with her jealous boyfriend who wanted her to stay overweight

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Christine Carter, 28, has lost an incredible 150 lbs. in just 16 months, a feat even more remarkable if we consider that her boyfriend wanted her to remain “fat”. After a gastric surgery in 2014 and a long weight-loss journey, she revealed her results to the whole world. When she was the heaviest, Christine, who is 5ft 5in tall, was taking 10 different drugs and had to have weekly medical check-ups to survive, due to her size. In 16 months, she did the impossible and slimmed down to 125lbs. While still not believing that her success could be real, she had gastric surgery, hired a personal trainer and completely changed her lifestyle. By December 2015 she hit her target shape!

Have you ever been afraid to start your weight loss journey for fear of stretch marks, scars, and loose skin? . So was I. . During my transformation I went through a divorce and often thought, "Even if I hit my goal weight-no man will love my body." But that's because I didn't think that I could love my OWN body. . I changed my thinking, and it changed my life. I learned, over time, to love and embrace my marks. I actually LIKE my tummy tuck scar!! It's a reminder of the strength, power, and determination I picked up along the way. . So, for my last photo shoot, I had all of MY stretch marks vibrantly painted and took to the streets of Downtown Dallas to wear them proudly. I asked the photographer to NOT edit my body in any way. . I hope that my #loveyourmarks movement helps you see these marks and scars in a different light. . It's not about perfection, it's about confidence. It's not about weight loss, it's about health. It's not about acceptance by others…it's about learning to accept who you are in this moment and who you are becoming. 💕 . Edit: I do want to thank @zinteta for your inspiration to so many, including me!

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Her Instagram account now has 26,000 followers, and it makes her happy and very proud of the changes she has gone through. According to her, giving up smoking and an unhappy relationship were the reasons for her eating SO much.

Instead of dealing with the problem, she was eating more and more, until eating sugar and carbs became a part of her every day and even every night menu.

I have a lot of new friends on my page, so I wanted to share MY weight loss journey. . I remember the day when I went from "fat and happy" to just…fat. I was depressed. Sick. Lost with no direction. . I tried everything…I really did. My last stitch effort was weight loss surgery. Like so many, I found out it wasn't the quick fix I was hoping for. I lost about 60 pounds…gained it all back. I felt HOPELESS. . That's when I knew I needed a breakthrough. I needed to break this cycle of self-sabotage one and for all. . I found a coach who helped me get my MIND right. I followed a ketogenic diet and dedicated time to the gym. I was determined to fit a healthy life into MY busy lifestyle. . I didn't spend hours in the gym. I didn't slave over the stove all day. I learned tricks and shortcuts to be constantly on the go and reach my goal weight, simultaneously. . After my weight loss I had a tummy tuck and implants. I still have lots of stretch marks and trouble skin areas-but I have learned to love my body exactly the way it is. . The road is hard and the road is long. But it is worth putting up the fight to live your very BEST life.

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After the surgery, and due to her emotional state, she stopped losing weight. It was then that she understood that she had to change her life too. Therefore, she ended her relationship with her jealous boyfriend.

They say the two best days in a man's life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. This week I made the decision to leave my career in the medical billing industry to relentlessly pursue my passion to help women all over the world lose weight. I wish I could say this decision came without fear, but that wouldn't be the truth. Despite my fears, I think that living a life without purpose is much scarier. God certainly turned my mess into a message. 175 pounds ago, I had no idea just what life had in store. 175 pounds ago I had no idea that the struggles that I was fighting through would all be a part of a powerful story that would be able to influence so many. 175 pounds ago I didn't know that my happiness would be found in helping others become their own weightlosshero. I don't know where this crazy life goes from here. All I know is that I can finally say-I've found my calling. And I won't stop until I've helped as many people as I possibly can. 💕

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The woman is now happier than ever before with the way her life has changed, and is saying that living in her past life was total hell compared to the heavenly life she is living at present. She does not think of her workouts as the best thing in her life, but she knows that they help her maintain the shape and the life she wants to have.

She is currently trying to share her experience with other people, to motivate people like Christine to change their lives and make them much more comfortable. She told us that, to succeed in your weight-loss efforts, you should have self-confidence and trust yourself more. So, love yourself, your body and your life!

Enjoying a few last days by the pool!! Looking forward to cooler weather. Am I the only one looking forward to Fall?

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