8 Things Guys Say When They Are Truly Into You

8 Things Say When They Are Truly Into You

Men are often considered as not so wordy, which essentially is not true. Women on the other hand have a whole pile of replicas and gestures to show when they like someone or not.

Men are considered far more candid with words than women, but are they so? Is what they say merely what they think, or is there a hidden meaning behind those plain words? Men do have a lot to tell, but it is usually the people who misinterpret their signals or mistranslate the intention.

There are a few things that men who are into you would say:

1.      I’ve noticed you around

If a man says that he has noticed what you did, ate, wore or whom you spoke to, you should take it seriously and know that he is deeply interested in you, not to be friends, but something more.

2.     I think I can provide you with help on that

Men are helpful and want to know that someone needs them; if a man offers you help of any type, it might be because he is into you. They want to help and they offer it to women they genuinely care for and where they can be of advantage.

3.     This (or that) reminds me of you

Men don’t want to have their feelings hurt, that’s why they are not so candid at times. They will never say that they have been thinking about you. If he says something he saw or did reminded him of you, it is obvious that he wants to discreetly inform you that he thought about you and he wants you to know it.

4.     Asking what you’re doing or where have you been

If a man asks about where you’ve been or what you’ve been up to, it means he’s really in to you. Don’t mistake this for stalking, he just has a thing for you and usually asks you just to initiate some conversation.

5.      Gives you compliments about your appearance

You should not spend too much time analyzing this one. He is into you and he wants you to know it. He really likes you and he’s complimenting you in a most sincere way. He probably won’t utter something like this every day you meet; he does not want to be too apparent that he likes you.

6.     I’ve missed you

You will never hear this from a man, except if he’s the sentimental type. If he ever confesses to missing you, it means you have a place in his heart. If he is a gentleman and admits to missing you, he is truly into you.

7.      I am really nervous/anxious

You don’t get men complaining or talking about their problems and troubles, as a matter of fact they never say how they feel in order not to reveal their vulnerable side. If a man confesses to you about his emotions it means that he has trust in you and he is so much into you that he is ready to show even his soft side.

8.     He loves to give you nicknames

If a man uses some nickname instead of your first name or last name, it is more than obvious that you are the one for him. If he is calling you by your last name is because he wants to tease you and knows deep inside that you two were made for each-other.

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