Many people are drinking lemon water in the mornings. But there are things that they don’t know about this combination and little attention has been paid to the negative side effects.1

Although lemon juice gives us a proper dose of antioxidants and vitamin C, it is not helpful for weight loss if combined with hot water. There aren’t enough proofs that this drink helps in the digestive process and cleansing of the toxins in our organism. Numerous praises of celebrities aren’t medical proof.

You should know that warm water and lemon can cause some serious issues if taken in large quantities.

Since the lemon is one of the sourest fruits, drinking hot water with lemon could create an acid. This acid could damage your tooth enamel.

When consuming this drink you must rinse your mouth because the acid may damage your teeth if remains in the mouth.

The recommended dose is 1-2 cups of this mixture.

If you think that you can lower your weight with some magical drink, you are very wrong. But, there are some alternatives that can help you to lose weight in combination with healthy lifestyle and diet. Drink the following drinks more frequently:


Some call it a natural energy drink. A research has proven that 2- cups of coffee before hitting the gym will boost your energy. This will allow you to train longer, which means you will burn more fats and calories. A study released in a sports magazine for medicine and physical health, people who are exercising are able to make 20% more repetitions if they drink coffee before training.

Make sure you are drinking your coffee without milk and sugar in order to keep the key ingredients which will provide you with the positive benefits of this drink.

Cold Water

Instead of using a lemon, use ice because the cold drinks force the body to spend more energy to keep its temperature. By consuming 3 glasses of cold water per day, your body will burn 100 calories more.

Do this regularly every day and you will burn 4.5 kg in 1 year if you have proper diet.

Green Tea

Green tea is calorie-free and allows your body to burn the fat and lose weight more efficiently. A study showed that participants who consumed 4 cups of green tea per day burnt 3 kg more than people who consumed only water.

The European nutrition magazines made an analyzes which prove that people who consume green tea are slimmer.

You should always use natural green tea which is sugar-free and rich with antioxidants. Don’t drink green tea supplements because they could harm your liver.


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