7 signs that you’re not in love with your man anymore

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It is not customary to talk about such things as love and feelings from the standpoint of logic, as this is a sphere of emotions. However, sometimes it is useful to expand everything on the shelves, and to choose the method of contradictions: if I do not have/feel this or that, then I am not in love with my partner. We will talk about those thoughts and some kind of symptoms that come to mind, when we are not into our partners deeply. Love is gone, and you are here. Moreover, you are not going to leave straight this moment, but the person near you irritates you and, what is bad, he feels this. You unconsciously and not deliberately give signals to him that your relationship is moving towards the finale, but you do not go away. Simply because you do not understand yet that there is no longer love. How can you break a vicious circle? Look through seven signs that you are not in love with your partner anymore:

#1. Really small things can turn into really big fights and this happen more and more often.

#2. You are far away from your partner. You want to experience those moments you had in the beginning of your relationship, but you are not sure that with this man.

#3. If your partner becomes possessive over you, this can distant you from him. Even if he promises to change himself, you do not want this.

#4. If your partner is too aggressive and he has crossed the line, your feelings can go out. There is nothing surprising in this situation.

#5. Jealousy. The same thing is about jealousy. Excessive jealousy can kill all your feelings. Do not believe that he will change himself, maybe just for a while, and then everything will return.

#6. You do not talk with each other. Of course, you say some words to each other, but you do not have those deep conversations anymore.

#7. You have only physical connection with your partner. There is no emotional connection.






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