Mix Chia With Lemon, Consume It And You Will Get A Flat Abdomen In 1 Week

Natural medicine has had a great impact for years in society, but nowadays it has much more prominence than before, and more so when it comes to recipes for burning fat, because there are natural ingredients that allow actors to do that. weight in a short time and keep us completely healthy.

Today we will talk about an excellent remedy based on lemon and lemon, which helps us lose weight quickly and provides nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body needs to stay active and avoid suffering from various diseases.

This recipe is very simple, but to be effective, all the steps to the letter and the previous term, as well as its ideal weight, avoid diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, infections and viruses both in the present and in the future. It will keep you completely healthy. Next, we explain how to prepare it and what you need to prepare the most effective liquid in naturopathic medicine.


-Lemon juice
-One tablespoon of chia seeds
-One spoonful of pure honey
-A glass and a half of water

Preparation and use mode:

Chia seeds should be soaked for at least one hour, during which time they will be inflated and they will look like pellets, this is completely normal due to the fiber they have.

Now, when the time indicated above has passed, all the ingredients will be mixed in the blender and a beating will be carried out until a fairly uniform substance is obtained, without lumps and something thick. Then we will pour the contents of the blender into a glass or plastic cup and we will have the list to lose weight.

It is necessary to consume a glass of this drink at least 3 times a week for 2 months, you should always consume fasting. If you want, you can consume it every day, so its effects will be much more remarkable.

If you want to ingest it for longer, there is no problem, in the same way, if you want, you can consume it and drink it before doing so, so you can metabolize it and gain weight much faster.

It is also advisable to accompany the consumption of the remedy with a good exercise routine and a healthy diet, so that the effects of this drink are much better.

Properties of each ingredient

  • Chia: this seed contains fiber and antioxidants, and also accelerates metabolism.
  • Lemon: contains vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, fluorine, phosphorus and potassium.

Both ingredients are able to avoid and eradicate high levels of blood sugar, such as cholesterol and triglycerides. As a result, they avoid arterial blockages, burn many fats and cleanse the entire stomach, intestinal and respiratory tract, preventing possible colds and gastrointestinal infections.

On the other hand, all the components act in the body in a positive way to burn the fats thanks to that they provide energy, which motivates the execution of exercise routines, in addition, they leave a satiating effect, so they diminish a little the appetite, the regular consumption of food and metabolism. They are also perfect for removing imperfections on the skin and face, which makes them a fantastic combination.

So do not wait any longer and start drinking chia with lemon to lose weight quickly and without spending a lot of money




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