Eight Things That Couple Should Do Before Going To Sleep That Will Make Them Happy!

According to psychology studies, it has been shown that happiness does not depend on a second person. Everyone is responsible for their own welfare.

But it is true that when we are accompanied and we share that feeling with a person we love, the feeling of satisfaction multiplies.

When we are in pairs or we are couples we assume that the other has the responsibility to make us happy. But if we wait that would be very difficult because sometimes our expectations are not the same as that of the person who accompanies us. That is why in the end many end up feeling dissatisfied and unhappy.

Now if we want to fully enjoy our couples and have a satisfying love life there are many things we can do. In this article, I am going to show you some simple habits that you can put into practice so that you and your partner can enjoy their marital life to the fullest and be happier.

1. Speaking from heart to heart:

When you establish a conversation with your partner, avoid lies, sarcasm, and lawsuits. Talk kindly, listen and be heard. Not all battles should be fought, much less those that are insignificant. Give in even if you are convinced otherwise.

2. Do not allow children to invade the bedroom they share:

The couple has a room just for them, and that is important. Although children often sleep with their parents, it is important to take them to their own room.

This will bring more intimacy to the couple and avoid the risks of bad feelings such as not having much esteem for the spouse or thinking that the child is more important now.

These simple things transform the marital life and can begin at any time. With a little effort and commitment, the couple can strengthen their relationship and make life much more enjoyable for everyone.

3. Set apart the phones and put them in silent mode:

If you want to spend a pleasant time with your partner, move cell phones away from you. Just spend the day glued to the phone, as to allow it also prevents having quality time with our partner. Likewise, television in the room, unless they decide to watch a movie they both like or a program they enjoy together. Otherwise turn off the TV and focus on one another.

4. Go both to bed at the same time:

Avoid going to bed later or earlier than your partner, enjoy time together. If one of the two goes to bed first, it is possible that when the second goes to bed find the first asleep and no longer to wake him up.

5. Do not forget the hugs and kisses:

Life as a couple requires demonstrations of love and affection. Embrace the person you love, help improve positive and psychological emotions. If you were away from home all day, do not forget to kiss and hug your partner when you get home. Do it as if you had not seen it in years. Make a daily habit and you will see how the passion in the relationship ignites.

6. A message to your partner:

Experts from the National Sleep Foundation in the United States say that a light relaxing massage before sleep improves the quality of sleep reduces anxiety and helps achieve closeness as a couple.

7. Avoid entering into controversial conversations:

If they have to argue for some reason, it may be at another time, but not at bedtime. Avoid sleeping while being angry at one another. The same Bible advises, in the book of Ephesians, chapter 4, verse 26: “Do not let the sun go down on your anger”. For something important, he will say it.

8. Forget about work:

Dedicate the stipulated time to your work, when the hours of the night arrive, take the opportunity to rest, talk and many other things. May work not disturb your peace.

These and other topics can help to improve the relationship as a couple and ignite the spark that may have been lost. We hope this information has been helpful, many blessings!





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