Relationships, like marriages require a lot of sacrifice and engagement in order to be successful. Sadly, every one of us knows at least one case where the marriage failed because one of the partners fell in love with someone else.

In most cases love partners have affairs with their colleagues, neighbours and friends, only because they have reached a certain point in their relationship where things between them just don’t seem to be working out. So instead of focusing on taking care of these problems they seek for easier way out.

Below we describe eight main reasons why partners cheat on each other:

1. Lack of Commitment
A lot of men, who no matter how strong and tough they are, might be looking for someone who can give them constant support, who’ll always be beside them no matter the situation, someone to be the missing part of their puzzle, to complete them. Same goes for women, no matter how strong and independent they are, they will always be in need of someone strong and sensitive to make them feel protected and safe.

2. Emotional Satisfaction
Spending years together can often bring monotony, resulting in partners losing interest in each other, or losing respect for each other. Situations like these where both partners lack respect, love and support may end up in one of them having affair with someone else. Could be someone who have just entered their life, giving them the attention and passion they were looking for.

3. Finance
People in modern times get attracted to money and power. So, if one of the partners is very wealthy, has prestigious social status can easily attract other people who are on the same level as them, or someone who is just as much attracted to money and power as them.

4. Unfulfilled Desires
We all have some dreams and if our partners fail to fulfil our desires it can be really bad for the relationship. In most cases, partners find these qualities in someone else, resulting in affair and maybe even love.

5. Monotony
Doing the same thing over and over each day can cause monotony. Monotony can be devastating, worst case scenarios partners lose their passion, lust, there is no excitement between the two of them. Meeting someone new who can light the fire inside them can most certainly lead to affair.

6. Retribution
Probably the most common reason why relationships fail. Getting caught while cheating on your partner is good enough reason for them to seek revenge. Even signs of cheating can cause this need for vengeance.

7. Ambitions
Career ambitions can be double edged sword. It is great quality to be ambitious and to seek success, but making your career your first priority can be really bad for your relationship. Too much commitment on your career can result in your partner losing complete interest in you.

8. Lack Of Presence
This is usually the case when one of the partners has a job that demands from him to be somewhere else, other city, or maybe even other country. Some people can’t handle long distance relationship, usually resulting in affair.




Source: https://happylifereport.com/8-reasons-why-people-cheat-on-their-partners/

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