Do you know the difference between head love and heart love

All of us are different and when it comes to love the differences are even bigger. If we ask anyone about his romantic experience, he will definitely tell you that he did not love in the same way twice. The way we build our relationship and take care of the people we love can vary due to one simple condition. It depends on whether we love them with our heart or our soul. The thing is not in the prevalence of one way or another; they differ most in the terms of longevity and the depth of your feelings. Our first experience in love seems to be more head love than heart love as it looks more logical and profound as well.

Head love

When we are young, the things seem more pragmatic to us and our choice of love is based on convenience and reason. In the young age, the choice of the partner depends on our needs and how he could help you find the right place in society. Such way of love can even make us feel happy. Love with the head can be reasonable as it does not challenge our place in the world and helps to fulfill the role we believed we have to play. Loving with our heads will bring us the feeling of satisfaction. Does it give us an opportunity to find our soulmate? Our ego is OK because we found someone who can fulfill our needs greatly.

Then, we grow up…

We grow up and our attitude changes. Mature people change their opinion towards the role they feel comfortable in and people they need. Most of the middle-aged people realize the changes happened in them and as a result, they try to build another kind of relationships.

Heart love

That is when the love with our heart becomes a necessity. Such type of love looks like a true thunderstorm, which you can not control. Of course, we try to be logic and calm, but the flood of emotions is so strong that we can do nothing. Loving with heart is the choice our heart made for us. Logic is the good thing, but loving with head can prevent us from finding someone special to us.






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