8 Mistakes You May be Making with Underwear without Realizing It!!! Very Dangerous!!!

The underwear in the store has a certain hypnotic effect – you just see the model and can not resist, even if you already have several similar options in the arsenal all in the same black lace.

Lingerie brands are aware of these weaknesses and like to speculate on them, turning boutiques of underwear into boudoirs, where you want to stay for longer. Even if you are very fond of beautiful underwear, its incorrect selection can spoil your mood for the whole day. If you are experiencing discomfort when wearing underwear, then you made a mistake when choosing it. The type of underwear we choose, combined with our habits, can have a negative impact on such a delicate health “down there”. What things should we avoid wearing underwear?

#1 Too Tight Most women tend to buy lingerie of a smaller size than necessary. You do not need to flatter yourself because you will fall into a much worse trap: the underwear cuts into the body and makes out of your normal body – a shape with bolsters on its sides. Then the correctly chosen size will look at you organically, no matter how thin or plump you are.

#2 Thongs Doctors recommend not to wear a thong. When walking and other activities such lingerie “activates” with you and begins to rub the delicate zone. This leads to irritation, hypersensitivity and the occurrence of infectious diseases

#3 Wear lingerie made of breathable fabric Doctors recommend buying lingerie made of natural fabrics. At least, parts attached to your private part should be made of cotton. Silk and synthetic materials do not provide proper ventilation, which leads to a constant humidity. And moisture is a source of bacteria.

#4 Forgetting changing it every day Men and women who lead an active lifestyle are encouraged to change their underwear at least twice a day. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, do not forget about the daily change of it.

#5 We wash it with chemical powders If you feel a slight itch or irritation in a delicate area, it may be the case in powder. Try changing it or washing clothes with baby soap. If after 2-3 days the problem does not go away, do not delay with a visit to the doctor. #6 Your underwear is just underwear

Sometimes women use their lingerie on different strange purposes. For example, they use their bras as the pockets to keep there money, bills or whatever they want. Just imagine how many bacteria these things contain and what consequences such actions can have. #7 Refusing wearing underwear

Do not forget that underwear performs certain functions, for example, serves as a barrier as some bad things can enter the body (dirt, dust, infection). Plus, the fabric of underwear is usually soft and comfortable to the body, and the fabric of trousers or jeans can rub delicate places.

#8 We sleep in the underwear Some doctors recommend sleeping naked. However, they argue and this is a question of personal preferences. If you feel so uncomfortable, it is recommended to choose underwear as natural and comfortable as possible, without decorative details.

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