9 Types Of Relationship That Are Doomed Form The First Day!!!

You were warned by friends six months ago. You are too different, and the relationship is doomed to failure. You did not believe it then, but now your couple broke up. Why do lovers prefer not to see or hear anything?

Why do they decide to go this way to the end and accept only their own bitter experience? Probably, this is the peculiarity of human psychology: other people’s mistakes will never become their own. Psychology gives us some clues. There are signs that reflect the general tendencies that predetermine the potential breakup of the couple. Immediately make a reservation that there are no problems that can not be solved. And if you and your partner agree and can change the existing model of relations, you will get a chance for a long and happy life.

Today we show you 9 typical patterns of relationships that are doomed to failure. Scroll down to find out the details. #1. Unbalanced pairs At first, it does not cause any inconvenience, but then you more and more often notice that all the emotional work lies on you. If you feel that the joyful relationship has turned into a dull daily work, your couple may be doomed.

#2. Couples who know what they want Many people think that they clearly know what qualities their partner should have. As with the product list, we to the market, such people are looking for their Mr. Right. Our mistake is that we pay attention to more superficial features, such as for example, a love of poetry and forget that there are more important things in life an opinion on which should coincide with yours.

#3. Couples who do not know what they want This model is completely the opposite of the mentioned above. When you are completely crazy about your love, do not forget that each of us has certain ideas about the character of his future partner. Do not lose your head in romance and assess the situation properly.

#4. Couples focused on sex You look like quite a happy couple, but in fact everything that keeps you together is good sex. Nobody says that this is the wrong approach, it’s just that you can not build up normal relations based on lust.

#5. A couple with a big age difference Love is a wonderful feeling that can happen at any age. Skeptics argue that the age difference has a bad effect on relationships. In fact, this can be a problem if the difference is very large.

#6. Narcissistic couples Imagine that your partner is completely focused on his person and does not want to listen to anything except compliments. Is it possible to build a harmonious relationship with a person who doesn’t t want what the word “empathy” means?

#7. Pairs that do not discuss finances Once you decide to officially become a husband and wife, your financial affairs become common. You must pay much more attention to this aspect of your life than you think as quarrels about money may be the first signs of an end.

#8. Couples prone to dramatization In such pairs, the feelings change from complete indifference to insanity in few seconds. Here you kiss, and a minute later a vase is thrown in you. Such emotional swing is very difficult to withstand, therefore such a pair is doomed.

#9. Couples prone to self-destruction Outwardly, these pairs are not different from all happy couples. But in fact, in their wardrobe a couple of skeletons is hidden. The thing is that both partners betray their halves and carefully hide it. After the truth is revealed, nothing will remain the same.




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