7 man-melting phrases that make him fall in love with you

People get used to the common thought that only women like talking about love and basically they are the only ones who use loving phrases. There are many phrases that women normally want to hear from a man. However, there are plenty of phrases that men want to hear from women and women may use these phrases to make a man more romantic, caring or whatever she likes; and in overall improve the relationship. These phrases have a lot of strength because they trigger strong emotional reactions in any man. It is worth noting that a lot of men are in need of appreciation and motivation.

#1 The key phrase is to say “I love when you do that/say that/etc”. The trigger here is to underline the value of his actions to you and that they make you happy, pleased and satisfied. You place more value in his actions when you say something every time he does something valuable for you, this will increase chances that he will do it again and again.

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#2 Jealousy elimination: “I am yours” or “I am your girl/ woman”. It is indeed not a secret that a man can be possessive and obsessed with loyalty and fidelity. Using this phrase you are triggering his ‘secure borders’ feeling.

#3 Turn “The Strong Male Mode” on. Any man has an alpha male inside him. Any man will enjoy listening to the phrase “If I have you beside me, I feel totally safe” because it triggers the ancient instinct of the breadwinner and warrior.

#4 Ego support phrase: “Have you grown”. This phrase asked while having sex makes a man feel proud of his male dignity and sexual skills.

#5 Admitting his good shape. Any man enjoys it if his efforts in the gym are seen and evaluated. To support his sports endeavors you can ask him “Have you been working out?”. He will be feel grateful and note your attention.

#6 I Love You. Very simple but desired by anyone and men are not an exception. It is commonly considered that only women want to hear this. But men also want to know about your feelings.

#7 The Sex Attraction Trigger. Females are considered to be more passive when it comes to sex; however, if you say to your man that you want him, he will be very pleased.





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