If Your Man does these 6 Things, he Loves you way more than you think!!! Pay Attention To Last 3!!!!

Every girl wonders if her boyfriend loves her. This doubt usually appears when the guy stops talking about “his love” and feelings. How can you tell if a guy is in love with you? You think your relationship is great. You think you have found the best partner. Finally, you get that cherished proposal to marry him. There are 6 main things, which you should pay attention to.

#1. He acts awkward around you. Being around you makes him week in the knees and unable to think straight. It’s no wonder that his usually funny jokes fail to hit the mark. He’s so flustered that he may stutter, bump into stuff or stumble on the pavement.

#2. He wants to take it slow. If man wants to take it slow, it’s probably because he’s scared of messing things up with you. He wants to make you see all his qualities and give himself enough time to win your heart. That doesn’t make him selfish. Just in love.

#3. He mirrors your movements. You smile, he smiles. You reach for your glass, so does he. He’s not doing it on purpose, though. It’s only his way of reacting to being totally into you. Your presence overwhelms him.

#4. He cultivates a friendship first. He likes you so much that he wants to have a long-term relationship with you, but before jumping into anything permanent, you should both be sure that what you’re feeling is not just passion. Having things in common, sharing hobbies and ideas will strengthen your relationship and your love.

#5. He follows through. No empty promises. You are important enough to him that he prioritizes anything which has to do with you. He’s punctual and dependable. You can count on him.

#6. He doesn’t mind any inconveniences if it’s to be near you. Waiting out in the rain to meet you for your date? No problem. Flying across the world to surprise you for your birthday? Aww… That’s so sweet! Battling dungeon monsters to rescue you from the clutches of the evil dragon? You bet! You don’t have to be a romcom addict to experience such devotion. Look how willing he is to go shopping with you, or to sit through a dinner with your best friend!

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