The 5 main reasons couples are not interesting to each other based on psychology


Every person agrees that normal sexual relations within the family are the key to a happy family life, and the presence of any problems in this area leads to disharmony, and often even to the breakup of the family. Many families face sexual chilling of one of the spouses. And it is not necessary to have a special education to understand that if the cooling is experienced by a man, this is much more difficult to tolerate by both spouses than with a loss of attraction by a woman. What are the most common causes of disappearance of sexual desire? Knowing the reasons, you can find a solution to the problem and return sex to life. Of course, the constant desire for sex is the same pathology as its constant reluctance.

However, the lack of attraction is much more common than the desire for intimacy five times a day. Here are all the most common causes for libido loss. Sexologists are sure: if you know why there is no desire to have sex, there are ways to return it.

#1. Intensive work, both physical and mental, both in the office and at home. Any work activity takes a lot of energy, after which you just want to rest, and do not spend the rest of energy for sex.

#2. Chronic lack of sleep. Here we are talking about a total lack of sleep, which can lead to complete depletion of energy in the end.

#3. Excessive sympathy and emotional empathy, which you could feel for a day on any occasion significantly takes away strength and energy, which can lead to burnout and unwillingness to even think about intimacy until the charge of moral calm is restored.

#4. Constant running of thoughts in the head, connected with everyday problems or making up a plan of tasks for the next day. All this uncontrolled flow is guaranteed to lead away from the very thought of sexual relaxation.

#5. A monotonous and uninteresting work. It can be both householding and professional activity that you do not like. All this leads to a negative perception of one’s existence and life choices and, as a result, to moral exhaustion.









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