Why do married men usually fall in love with other women?

It is obvious that men and women are different. That’s why it is sometimes difficult for a woman to understand why a man may have betrayed her. It may hurt, but if you’re in such a situation, just read our post and finally let him go. Read our selection of the 5 top reasons why married men fall for other women # 1. The woman as a Friend Men always desire a woman that will listen, understand them, to whom they will not be afraid to talk about any topic. Such a woman doesn’t judge, like his wife in this case, and will always support him, no matter what. This unconditional support is hard to find, but completely irresistible to any man.

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# 2. Playing Games Men want to find a fun and a spontaneous woman. Marriage is mostly associated with responsibilities, no matter how good the marriage is. Tired of such a burden, men will seek a woman who is a little childish, capable of playing volleyball or video games, challenging him out of his comfort zone and willing to take him on an adventure.

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# 3. Independence That might sound silly, but married men always seek an independent woman. They want to find a woman who is not revolving around their family or children, who can take care of herself and does not need him to replace any light bulbs. It’s a paradox, because you were such a person before you two got married.

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# 4. A Happy Woman Married men hope to find a happy woman. A man thinks that if he can’t make you happy, he may be able to do this for someone outside his marriage. It’s not such an outlandish idea, especially if the relationship is marred by frequent fighting. Both of you were happy together in the past, but now your relationship is far from an ideal one.

5. Missing Traits Your husband might be looking for a woman with some personal traits that you don’t have. As the years go by, men sometimes realize that they want a companion who is simply different from their wife.




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