Watch How To Remove Stretch Marks Forever With This Trick

Stretch marks on the skin feel like a permanent mark that you do not know how to get rid of. But everything, or almost everything, has a solution, so if you want to know how to eliminate stretch marks, today we bring some tricks to look perfect skin.

These marks appear more frequently during pregnancy, when gaining weight or at puberty. The areas where they appear most are the buttocks, legs, arms and abdomen.

If you want to get rid of them, we will give you an incredible remedy that will be of great help. So continue reading so you will know how to prepare it.

How to Remove Stretch Marks

Lemon has been used for centuries for cosmetic purposes. Removing s.marks with lemon, or at least less visible, is possible. This citric has many benefits and citric acid, which contains, has whitening properties and exfoliants. Lemon juice helps to renew skin cells, “fill” the s.marks and schiarendole, to make them less visible.

To prepare the remedy you need:

-2 tablespoons of sugar
-The juice of 1 lemon
-1 tablespoon almond oil
-A few drops of coconut oil

Note: Try to use organic ingredients to avoid exposing your skin to chemicals.


Extract the lemon juice, then add sugar and almond oil, mix well and apply the skin in the area where the marks have appeared. Massage for a few minutes.

Subsequently make a warm shower, then dry well and apply new massage with coconut oil to hydrate the skin and nourish it.

Other tricks to remove stretch marks:

-The best to remove marks is the daily exfoliation, you can use a special sponge for the skin, in those cases the dead skin is removed so that the new skin is produced and the stretch marks are removed.

-Take hot baths and massage in the areas where stretch marks regularly appear.

-Another way is to tan, sunbathe and eliminate minor stretch marks with the sun. Remember not to subject your skin too much to sun exposure.

-Drinking water also represents benefits, if the goal is to remove stretch marks. Beyond anything keep the skin hydrated improves the elasticity of the skin. A liter a day will be fine.

Vitamin E is perfect when it comes to disappearing s.marks. Usually people add vitamin E thanks to spinach or almonds, but there are some vitamin E-rich creams that you can use in the areas of stretch marks.





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