Men can’t resist these 11 physical features, according to science!!!

Even though we are all different and have different tastes there are still things that we have in common, due to our nature. For example, there are some things a woman can have that every man will find attractive. Of course, we can’t say that all men are alike and are attracted to same things.

But every time you catch a man looking at you, you may be sure that he is thinking about sex, no matter what part of you he is paying attention to. At a subconscious level we are but animals and every time we look at someone the reproductive process is the first thing that comes to mind. Like it or not, but that is the truth and today we will talk about the most common things that men find super attractive about women.

#1. Wide hips Wide hips attract mуn due to one simple reason – the wider the hips the easier it will be for his baby to come out and see the world.

#2. A high voice The higher the voice the more attractive you are to men. A high voice is usually related to children, so it makes you a happy and cheerful child that he wants to take care of in his eyes. READ MORE: 6 moves that flatten your belly in 2 weeks

#3. Shiny hair Men like nice shiny hair, there is nothing we can add.

#4. Smile You do not have to be a man to be attracted to someone who is smiling often. But men find it extremely attractive.

#5. Natural beauty It wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you that men prefer natural you to you with makeup on, take that into consideration.

#6. Shades of red Certain colors attract men more than the others. For example, red attracts every man, it is the shade of desire so that should need no further explanation, right?

#7. Brunettes or blondes? It is mostly considered that all men prefer blondes, but recent research proves that the truth is quite the contrary. These days, brunettes are on the edge of glory.

#8. It’s good to be tall There are some things that we as women can’t change no matter how hard we try. To cut a long story short; most men prefer tall women.

#9. Slim arms Another part of your body that can attract men is your arms. The longer and slenderer – the better.

#10. Nice boobs All men love good-looking boobs. Point.

#11. Well-cared women The way you take care of yourself also matters. Men are attracted to neat-looking and well-cared women.





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