8 signs that your relationship with your man is a healthy one

You have found an ideal partner. You love and you are loved. You are very happy right now. Your relationship is strong and makes both of you feel comfortable. Your story is like a fairy tale. All your dreams have come true. Sometimes you think that everything can’t this good. You saw many films and heard many stories from friends and you are afraid that this feeling of euphoria will not last long. You are waiting for something bad to come. Your fears are absolutely understood. But take it easy! Maybe your relationship relates to the positive statistics and you have nothing to worry about. Try to check on your relationship with the next eight points and find out whether your happiness will last forever.

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#1 Both of you look forward to seeing each other every day. Both of you think that you can’t live without each other even for a single day. You really feel comfortable when you are together. READ MORE: 4 best exercises to get rid of hip dips

#2 You try to help each other in difficult and not very difficult situations. You can always rely on each other.

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#3 Your sex life is very bright and full of emotions. People around you always feel the sexual attraction between you. #4 You feel you are becoming better in this relationship. You are not afraid of life’s problems because you know you will face them together.

#5 Both of you have private space. You always give each other time for your careers, hobbies and communicating with friends.

#6 You do not hold grudges against each other. You are not afraid of saying if you don’t like something. You deal with everything together.

#7 You are not egoists. You do not think only of your needs and priorities. You always try to achieve harmony in your relationship.

#8 You always respect each other. You do not offend each other with harsh words. You don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings.





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