8 real reasons why kissing is, in fact, good for your health

People kiss to express their feelings. Many people believe that a kiss projects a higher degree of intimacy than even sex. It turns out that not only does it help express feelings but it also has many other advantages. When we kiss, we exchange saliva and germs that may be good for our health. Therefore, kissing strengthens our immune system. Even during the most modest of kisses, our lips still produce additional amounts of saliva, which neutralizes the acid in the mouth that causes cavities and washes away food particles stuck in our teeth. A recent study showed that, while kissing, our body produces the “happiness hormone” oxytocin, endorphins (which improve mood) and dopamine (which contributes to psychological convergence). You must kiss for at least 20 seconds to get all these health benefits.

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A few reasons why you should kiss someone right now:

#1 Kissing helps burn calories. Kissing burns 2-3 calories per minute. Of course, you can’t replace a full workout at the gym with kisses. But you can kiss your partner as an additional exercise, if you know what I mean.

#2 Kiss boosts bonding. When we kiss, our bodies produce the hormone oxytocin, so kissing helps to strengthen relationships and promotes intimacy.

#3 Kisses make sex even brighter. Kissing is great foreplay, which helps partners tune into the wave of sexual pleasure. Sex and kisses improve your self-esteem, your health, and your romantic relationship.

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#4 Kisses prevent disease. Studies have been conducted, showing that kissing helps women build up their immunity against the cytomegalovirus. It was also proven that kissing protects against colds in the cold season. So, don’t be afraid of disease, and kiss as much as possible!

#5 Kissing strengthens a marriage. Scientists have proven that couples who kiss often, fight and argue with each other less and have a trusting and close knitted relationship. Kissing can also help you with choosing your partner.

#6 Kissing makes people happier. It is proven that, during kissing, our body produces endorphins that make people feel happier.

#7 Kissing reduces pain. During kissing, our body produces adrenaline, which significantly reduces a headache.

#8 Kissing lowers stress. Kissing reduces tension, relieves negative emotions and anxiety. The increased level of the hormone oxytocin allows you to relax and feel at peace.

And here are 2 more reasons why you should kiss your partner more often: #9 Kissing preserves the youthfulness of the face. A kiss involves more than 30 muscles of the face. It is a great workout that contributes to the prevention and smoothing of wrinkles and maintains the elasticity of your skin. #10 Kissing gives pleasure. Kissing is an explosion! Kamasutra has more than 30 types of kisses. Why don’t you try something new? I assure you, it will be fun and extremely pleasurable.




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