These 9 types of hug will improve your relationship

Нugs can lower the level of stress and increase the immune defense of the body, as during this manifestation of feelings endorphin – the so-called hormone of happiness – is produced; children who do not feel the lack of parental embrace grow with good mental and physical health; the hugs make it possible for a person to feel loved and necessary, to take off the feeling of anxiety. In addition, hugs play a big role in the relationship between a man and a woman. During courtship, the young man more often relates to his beloved. When they become husband and wife, these gestures tend to be rare.

#1. Hug from the back It suggests that a person wants to protect you from all the hardships and to take responsibility and obligations. Safety is what the most precious thing is for you. This hug will make you bound much closer

#2. Embrace behind the waist Even if the man has not yet confessed to your feelings, this hug says for himself: he literally lost his head on love. He is ready to be all the time in front of you and wants to spend his life with you. Such hug will make you confident that he is yours.

#3. A hug with a pat on the back This embrace is more likely to be associated with friendly relationships than with love. It gives you a feel of care and friendly atmosphere

#4. Eye-to-eye hug and look This hug is incredibly gentle and delicate, and be sure: this is a symbol of a real, deep connection between people. He treats you very dearly, and all that is happening at a given moment is truly important and valuable to him. Such hugs will make your love more bright and passionate

#5. The London Bridge Embrace Between you is a strict distance”, and the embrace itself turns out to be some kind of rubbish, and it’s only politeness? It seems you do not digest each other, but try to keep your face. What are the masks? If a person does not like you, there will be enough dry nod. Although, there are exceptions: if you came to a family lunch and met a bad uncle, this kind of embrace can be very useful to you.

#6. A long hug This hug is probably familiar to everyone: this is what we need when the dark times. This type of hug is for making your relationship full of trust and love

#7. One-handed embrace If your young man loves to hug you over your shoulder, then in that way he will take you under your wing and strive to protect you from any adversity. It indicates that you’re ready to be by his/her side whatever happens.












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