8 Differences Between a Genuine Person and A Fake Person That You Should Watch Out For

Keep in mind these eight differences between genuine and fake people, as they will teach you the characteristics of people to appreciate, and those you should watch out for.

1. People who are genuine always respect everyone and don’t look down on anyone to feel sense of superiority. Fake people on the other hand are very selective and respect only those with power, based on what they’ll personally gain out of it.

2. Genuine people are comfortable in their own skin and don’t seek an approval to be themselves in any situation. Therefore, they don’t go out of their way to make someone like them. On the contrary, fake people would do anything to please others or make someone like them as they need to feel valid in other people’s lives.

3. Genuine people are satisfied being comfortable in their own space, as well as being respected for this, so they don’t feel the need to be the center of attention. Since fake people think the whole world resolves around them, they try anything to get the attention of others. They have too superior sense of self-importance and are desperate to be noticed.

4. Most often, genuine people are humble and don’t brag about themselves. Simply, they don’t think they need to show off to the world, so they don’t talk always about themselves. On the other hand, fake people like to brag about everything they did, or like to try, even if that’s the smallest thing that others consider insignificant. Showing off most of the time, they are the peacocks of the group.

5. Genuine people are usually honest and straight-forward, without any hidden agenda. Fake people however, will show you only one of their 2-side face, and that’s not usually the real one. They show their true face to those they gossip with. As you can imagine, they talk a lot of truths behind your back.

6. Genuine people always try to keep their promises, not matter how hard that is. On the other hand, fake people promise a lot even though they know they can’t keep them. Instead, they find excuses, unless they gain some personal interest out of it.

7. Genuine people are aware of their imperfections and know they have a lot to learn from others, so they always praise, admire, and get inspired by others, and they do this honestly. Fake people like to feel better than others, so they often criticize or try to find something wrong with a person’s happiness.

8. Usually, genuine people are helpful and nice to everyone. Without a hidden motive but with a genuine intention, they wish everyone around them is well and happy. When it comes to fake people, they will only be nice to you if that’ll make them better in other people’s eyes, or simply, if they get something out of it. And if they do some good, you bet they will brag about it.

Via: The World Of Positivity

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