Female Behaviors You Must Know Guys If You Wont To Keep Her!! No.6 Is The Key MUST READ!!

1.She “radiates” sweetness

There are tough and strong women out there which can also be sweet at the same time. A woman in love is not afraid of showing how she feels. She will express her love by kissing your cheek or holding your hand without being shy about it.

If she is kind to other people, whether it is your friend, mother or a distant relative, not just you it is also a very good sign.

2.She makes you smile without much effort

A couple that does not laugh together is not a happy couple. You have probably noticed at least one couple that seems too formal and distant.

You should always keep the one who makes you smile and laugh often. Being able to laugh together makes you feel connected more which is something you should take care of.

3.You want to spend more time with her

We assume you have been at least in one relationship where spending time with your partner seemed like a chore. Don’t worry because you are not the only one.

A woman who makes you count the minutes until the next time you see her is the one you should keep. It is always a positive sign if you always look forward to your dates.

4.She gives you compliments

No matter how horrible you think you look in your stained t-shirt with your messy hair, she will still find something she likes about you. Even if you are not making enough money she will compliment your devotion and hard work.

5.She changes her plans for you

The couples that stay together their entire lives are those who are willing to sacrifice for each other. She does not mind coming over even if it is 3 a.m. to make you soup because you have food poisoning. She doesn’t mind driving 1 hour to pick you up because your car broke down. She will also do little things that will show how much she loves you.

6.She doesn’t ask for too much

Having a low maintenance partner is one of the important things you should be thankful for. If you don’t expect her to demand something any time you walk through a mall, she is definitely a keeper.

Women that don’t ask too much from their partner are also more responsible and self-reliant. However, even though she doesn’t ask anything from you it does not mean that you shouldn’t surprise her with gifts from time to time.

7.You can trust her

Even though this one is last on the list it is probably the most important. Being honest with your partner is the key to a meaningful and intimate relationship. In case your partner has never made you doubt her faithfulness, then you are very lucky.

You might also never suspect she has hidden motives because she actually does not have any. And if she tells you more than you need to know, she really trusts you, so never let her go.


Source https://happylifereport.com

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