Diego Rivera once said, “If I ever loved a woman, the more I loved her, the more I wanted to hurt her. Frida was only the most obvious victim of this disgusting trait.”

You probably know that you love her. That’s why you are with her, however we as humans have confusing emotions and don’t really know what we feel at any given moment. You might love her, but in a wrong way.

Your relationship might have been perfect, until you started treating her worse than she deserves, so now it becomes a destructive relationship.

So, you should always remember to give her enough attention, love and respect. This way your relationship will remain strong, as well as her happiness.

At first, you know how much you wanted to have her before she was yours, what you thought about her and how you wanted to treat her right. You thought she was one of a kind. So, keep behaving like it was the start of the relationship.

Although we are all responsible for our own fate, you are a huge part of hers and you need to understand that. Her own view of herself will be altered depending on the way you treat her. You know that you love her, so don’t destroy her.

She was probably destroyed by someone else in the past. Nobody wants to live through it again. She made a huge leap to be with you and open herself to you, thinking she will be safe, so don’t abuse that. She put her heart on the line, knowing that it might end up broken.

Keep your attention on her and don be emotionally absent. She might need you the most right now. If she ever feels like you need her and not love her, she might be destroyed. You probably have had your own bad experiences in the past, some things that hurt you and destroyed you.

However, you need to remain in the present and leave them behind you. She will eventually heal you. However, if she feels that you’re only with her because of this, she will get destroyed in the process.

You also need to show her that you love her.

She is also broken and wants to be fixed, however she’s not a broken woman. Make sure she doesn’t feel that way. Make her complete again and learn to love all her flaws and insecurities.


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