1.Your partner repeatedly breaks your trust

Trust is the first on the list because it is the most important part of any relationship. It is the root of any stable and serious relationship and betrayal can really destroy it.

If a person continuously breaks your trust and you still trust them, it is their fault, not yours. Blaming yourself for trusting someone who betrayed you is very natural but you should never do that.

You are able to learn who is trustworthy by gaining experience, and you can’t learn without being betrayed. You get an important life lesson either way.

2.Your partner is constantly needy

Both partners should be able to rely on each other. But being too dependent on your partner and being needy can become a very big problem. Neediness will deprive you from energy and time you could use taking care of yourself.

Those who are too needy always come to you for money, praise, pampering etc. If you feel your partner is suffocating you, it is probably time to reconsider your relationship to determine whether it is worth it.

3.You change who you are around your partner

You must never turn into someone else only to please your partner. This can be very exhausting and if your relationship becomes serious you may never be able to reveal your true self.

Whether your partner asked you to change the way you speak, dress or talk or you are the one who thinks you should change, it does not matter. What is important is that you first need to feel comfortable with being yourself around others.

4.You don’t feel positive after seeing or talking to them

If you don’t feel happy when you are with your partner, your relationship is never going to be happy. We aren’t talking about the rough patches which are a normal part of any relationship. If you genuinely are not happy no matter what you do with your partner, it is probably time to move on.

Many people actually try to avoid their partner in an attempt to preserve their relationship. They believe that over time the relationship will become better, however they are often wrong.

5.They don’t listen to you

Being aware of the things your partner is telling you is a strong sign of a good relationship. If your partner respects and loves you, he/she will always make you a priority when you are trying to talk to them.

There are people who are unable to pay attention to one thing for too long, but checking your phone, looking away or talking to others is never ok. Another sign that you should let go of your relationship, is if your partner constantly turns the conversation to him/her without paying any attention to your feelings and thoughts.

6.They don’t make you or your relationship a priority

This does not mean that you should expect your partner to always be prepared to leave everything whenever you call. However, if someone wants to find time, he will manage to. Even if you can’t stay at a bar until the morning, you can at least talk over the phone or text to show your love.

If someone does not do anything to stay in touch, they are showing that they don’t care that much about you.

7.You are not able to depend on them

You have probably been disappointed by a person who wasn’t there for you even though you always helped them when they needed the most. Not everyone you help will return the favor.

Most people use various excuses such as being too busy or not seeing your text or missed call. These excuses can sometimes be true, but if one person uses them too often it means you are probably better off without them.

8.You are forcing someone to care

Healthy relationships involve two people who have chosen each other and are willing to take care of. Telling someone you love them is much easier than showing them.

The people that repeatedly show you how much they love or they take care of you even if you don’t ask them to, are the ones you want to keep.

9.The person is not consistent in behavior

If the person fails in being consistent in the main principals of a healthy relationship such as positivity, attentiveness, prioritization, trust, acceptance and dependability then that person is not worth fighting for. Being inconsistent in all these important parts of a relationship is a good sign that your partner is not the right person for you. Everyone has flaws, however, if your partner allows his/her flaws to have negative influence on your relationship, stop wasting your time.




Source: https://happylifereport.com/9-signs-its-time-to-let-go-of-a-relationship/

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